Corporate Halloween Gift Giving

Corporate businesses represent a large group of Halloween gift recipients and senders. Corporate businesses? Yup! There is a growing trend among corporate consumers to send unexpected gifts to their clients, co-workers, suppliers, employees and other business associates at this time of year. The timing of the gift is beautiful – it is unexpected and therefore it stands out. The corporate customers are often counting on being the only one who sends their important contacts a gift at this time of year, almost guaranteeing that they will receive plenty of attention in return for their well timed offering (after all, most corporate consumers will send gifts for Christmas and/or Hanukkah and these gifts are so commonplace that they are almost expected, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd when many gifts are sent/received at the same time).

Corporate Halloween gift baskets usually serves two purposes – they are a great way to express appreciation for a job well done or for a client’s business, but they are also a great way to get corporate clients thinking about that particular sender (and his services) during the often crucial fourth quarter. Sending an unexpected Halloween gift is a subtle and clever way to achieve top-of-the-mind status at a time when other business professionals are planning their annual holiday parties and buying gifts to send to their own clients and staff for the holiday season. The business-to-business seed has been planted by the sender and the recipient may not even realize what has just taken place… They have been “sold” without even realizing that the sender was even “selling” them! Spooky!

This brings me back to the gift retailer. Now is the time to plan the new Autumn and Halloween gift baskets that are offered for Fall 2008. The historical data that has been examined will give you a general feel for the buying direction that you need to head in. While other retailers and gift basket designers may do it differently, you should consider the design (and therefore buying) process with the container. The task it to source a half dozen to dozen containers that will be perfect for autumn and Halloween gifts and always remember to keep both the senders budget and the lifestyle of the recipient in mind.

With these important considerations in mind, it will be difficult this upcoming Halloween to not succeed and excel at corporate Halloween gifting!