Christmas Gift in July

June 28th, 2008

There’s a trend nowadays to have a party and give Christmas gifts in the summer.  I think it’s just an excuse to give a gift.  The people who do this still celebrate regular Christmas.  It isn’t a replacement holiday, it’s just an excuse to have another reason to give a gift basket in a month with no holidays.  Sending a baby gift basket is always an option, unless you don’t know of any babies being born.  Father’s Day is over and Halloween or Thanksgiving are too far away.  It’s also an excuse to give a unique gift that might not be possible in the winter months.  A margarita gift basket, or sunshine-themed candy bouquet are completely appropriate in the summer but might seem out of place in the winter.  It’s also easier to give a summer sports themed gift in the warm summer months, like a golf gift.  It’s not necessarily a bad idea, and can really help people to express their affection or appreciation to other people.

Summer Sun, Summer Fun…

June 23rd, 2008

We’re only a couple days into summer and the gift basket season has slowed to a crawl.  There are no more holidays left.  Most people will enjoy the summer, soaking in the sun and visiting the pool or beach as often as possible.  It’s never a bad time to send a gift basket though.  People have birthdays in the summer, why should they get left out?  People get married in the summer, should they be ignored?  People have babies in the summer, shouldn’t that be acknowledged?  While enjoying the summer, remember to spread joy and happiness with simple little gift baskets, summer-themed for maximum impact!

Father’s Day Gift Baskets

June 12th, 2008

It’s days away from Father’s Day and many people still haven’t gotten their dad a gift.  With the number of people living far away from home, it’s understandable how many people take advantage of online gift basket websites.  The convenience of skipping the mall, boxing the gift yourself, finding a local FedEx depot, etc.  It’s enough to make a person FORGET there’s even a ‘holiday’ for dad.  Remember to make sure your gift basket for dad is personal and memorable!

The disappearing baby gift…

June 6th, 2008

I sent a baby gift basket week to a friend in the hospital.  I quickly learned the difficulty of sending a package to an organization that requires privacy for it’s ‘clients’.  Depending on the nurse, you might not even find out if the recipient is a patient if the nurse believes patient privacy is required in the instance you are phoning.  Another issue could be the receiving department.  Often times, FedEx or another major carrier has to give it to a receiving department who will then pass it on to the appropriate floor.  Sometimes, this dance is strained and toes get stepped on.  Have a peek at our page on baby gift basket etiquette.

Gift Baskets – Variety and Selection

May 31st, 2008

While lullaby music is a great addition to any baby gift basket, there is a lot of variety and selection available when sending a baby gift.  Food items can be included, specifically for the parents but themed for a new baby, or the entire gift can be baby clothes.  Sleepers, onesies, twosies, little booties, socks, tiny t-shirts.  Or toys and accessories would also be great additions.  Rattles, teether rings and other items are good choices too.  When adding these items together, it’s always good to theme the gift based on colour or gift choices. You should also be presented with many gift baskets in order to see the variety of choices available.

Music and Baby

May 28th, 2008

You can probably find tons of websites related to music for babies.  Most are lullabies that help them go to sleep while some are available for the sole pupose of exposing their tiny little ears to a variety of great song.  The excellent beats and rhythms will help them later in life when learing an instrument.  One good site is and another good site is  Regardless of your needs, both sites have so much variety that you won’t have a problem finding a cd that will have just the right music for your baby.

Boogie Brown and the Baby Gift Notes

May 18th, 2008
Music is said to ‘soothe the soul’.  Regardless of age, nothing compares to the melodic tones one can hear that instantly can transform a mood or attitude.  It’s important to remember the importance of these things.  It’s important to relate to the message it conveys.  That whether tired or sore, angry or sad, a good song or beat can drain away the pain.  Sometimes, the gift of music sends a message more powerful than any other object or possession.  When needing to send a baby gift, consider adding ‘music to the mix’.  A basket can contain sleepers and toys, and it can contain lullaby cd’s.  Music cd’s for babies are an excellent addition to any gift basket.  Custom designs are a great choice for including music that is personal and cherished.  An effective method for conveying the message of music, a baby gift can send a tremendous message to the recipient of caring and friendship.