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Christmas Gift in July

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

There’s a trend nowadays to have a party and give Christmas gifts in the summer.  I think it’s just an excuse to give a gift.  The people who do this still celebrate regular Christmas.  It isn’t a replacement holiday, it’s just an excuse to have another reason to give a gift basket in a month with no holidays.  Sending a baby gift basket is always an option, unless you don’t know of any babies being born.  Father’s Day is over and Halloween or Thanksgiving are too far away.  It’s also an excuse to give a unique gift that might not be possible in the winter months.  A margarita gift basket, or sunshine-themed candy bouquet are completely appropriate in the summer but might seem out of place in the winter.  It’s also easier to give a summer sports themed gift in the warm summer months, like a golf gift.  It’s not necessarily a bad idea, and can really help people to express their affection or appreciation to other people.

Music and Baby

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

You can probably find tons of websites related to music for babies.  Most are lullabies that help them go to sleep while some are available for the sole pupose of exposing their tiny little ears to a variety of great song.  The excellent beats and rhythms will help them later in life when learing an instrument.  One good site is and another good site is  Regardless of your needs, both sites have so much variety that you won’t have a problem finding a cd that will have just the right music for your baby.