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The disappearing baby gift…

Friday, June 6th, 2008

I sent a baby gift basket week to a friend in the hospital.  I quickly learned the difficulty of sending a package to an organization that requires privacy for it’s ‘clients’.  Depending on the nurse, you might not even find out if the recipient is a patient if the nurse believes patient privacy is required in the instance you are phoning.  Another issue could be the receiving department.  Often times, FedEx or another major carrier has to give it to a receiving department who will then pass it on to the appropriate floor.  Sometimes, this dance is strained and toes get stepped on.  Have a peek at our page on baby gift basket etiquette.

Gift Baskets – Variety and Selection

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

While lullaby music is a great addition to any baby gift basket, there is a lot of variety and selection available when sending a baby gift.  Food items can be included, specifically for the parents but themed for a new baby, or the entire gift can be baby clothes.  Sleepers, onesies, twosies, little booties, socks, tiny t-shirts.  Or toys and accessories would also be great additions.  Rattles, teether rings and other items are good choices too.  When adding these items together, it’s always good to theme the gift based on colour or gift choices. You should also be presented with many gift baskets in order to see the variety of choices available.